Herb and Veggie Garden – Early July

Somehow it’s already July.

My summer veggie garden is in full swing, loaded to the brim with entirely too many plants…mostly tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Oh, and heirloom Italian striped zucchini. And bush cucumbers. Tom Thumb peas. I’m even trying tomatillos this year, and wow are the upside down, star shaped flowers groovy looking! Unfortunately the okra, epazote and shiso that I planted were destroyed during a random, totally unexpected hail storm last month. Look how pretty the okra plant was. Sniff!


But on the plus side, all of my herb plants are growing like crazy, especially the genovese basil and chives. There’s also rosemary, sage, Thai basil, Vietnamese corriander, thyme, oregano and chocolate mint.

genovese basil

The stick like rasperry and blueberry plants I bought last year at a big box store each produced a single berry. Which is still one more berry than I had last year. Maybe next summer I’ll get a handful? The sky’s the limit! LOL

Before it got too hot I was able to grow a myriad of radishes…French breakfast, cherry belle and some really good, spicy sweet radishes from India.


And these delicious Chinese red meat radishes, that when sliced, look weirdly like eyeballs or nipples, depending on who you ask.

chinese red meat radish

Then there were the carrots, tatsoi and baby kale.


And some lovely flamingo swiss chard.

swiss chard

Lots of assorted herbs and greens. The arugula and canary yellow baby chard were particularly fetching.

various greens

Next on the agenda…tomatoes and tomatillos! Check back soon for my next gardening update.