About Me


Greetings and salutations, web chums!

My name is Faith, and long ago and far away I lived in the NYC area in an overpriced apartment filled with entirely too many houseplants, tons of vintage Pyrex and a shameful amount of infomerical products.

Come to think of it, I liked my ab roller and food dehydrator more than most of the men I’d dated!

But anyway.

One day I decided that I’d had enough of working in NYC and moved to New England where I ultimately met my dreamboat. Two years later we sailed off into wedded bliss, had a couple of cute babies, adopted three weird but endearing fur enabled companions and moved again, this time to a place with a large backyard!

The yard wasn’t fenced in and deer abounded, so we put up a 14 foot by 14 foot cedar enclosure and added a potting shed that doubles as a greenhouse so that I can garden three out of four seasons. Gardening has always been one of my biggest passions, but  I was always limited on space, so I’d become accustomed to keeping plants indoors under grow lights or growing whatever dwarf tomatoes or patio vegetables I could on a small balcony in the summer. Being able to grow whatever I wanted was an absolute dream come true! Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to eat delicious homegrown produce, my garden has become a place that’s been really calming, comforting and sacred to me, especially throughout the pandemic.

I started Faith’s Garden as a way to document the progress of my edible garden and to share some of my favorite vegan and vegetarian creations, often using the produce from my raised beds. The plant based cooking you’ll find here is largely healthy and pretty adaptable so it can be modified to suit your personal dietary needs. So even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian you’ll still find some tasty new ways to incorporate more fruits, veggies and herbs to your diet.

PS – If you’d like to see even more photos of my garden, along with some pictures of my thrifted finds, field trips and culinary adventures, swing by my instagram @ faiths_garden.